Newborn Sessions

One of the most unique session experiences that we offer is newborn sessions. They are about capturing the first few days of your baby’s life and giving you some well deserved rest while we do the work. You will be sitting on a couch with a cup of tea ( or napping if you need to 🙂 ) while we record the most cherished photos you will ever have.

This is a time that runs by so fast, it is usually gone before you can say what just happened?! Parents are usually busy with their new bundle of joy, feeding, changing diapers, bonding and lots of lots love. You have family & friends visiting, you don’t remember when you last showered or even slept. Before you know it time would have passed and you wonder what happened to those first few days, with everything running at speed of light around you, you will have no memory of  it. Babies change their looks so rapidly that the first look they had when they were first born will soon be gone. To avoid missing out on this precious time we advise you to book your session while you’re pregnant, the date range will be booked around your due date. The session must be done within the first 2 weeks of a baby’s life, preferably between day 7-12. This is the time where the baby still has the womb like look and curl, and sleep best. Once the baby arrives you or a family member can give us a call to set a specific date for the session.
If you have just discovered newborn photography after giving birth (still within the 2 weeks window) get in touch asap and we will try our best to accommodate you. In very rare cases we do take babies above 2 weeks old, you must understand however that the photos will be different. There may be more awake photos and the poses will be more limited.

The session will be designed based on your color preferences (if you have any) and your home colors, this is discussed during the consultation. We will take in consideration any favorite poses and sets you may have in mind, however you must know that at the end of the day we are bound by what the baby likes. Not all babies like to be photographed in all positions, therefore sometimes we would have to move on to a different set to keep the baby happy and give you those precious photos.

Make sure to visit the facebook page, and newborn gallery to view previous work.