The Studio | Amman newborn photographer

The Studio | Amman newborn photographer

I’ve been wanting to do this since forever, give you an inside look, a peak into my zen place where all the magic happens :). Welcome to my studio!

When I first started my business I used to have a different studio, a huge apartment that I rented with few rooms and plenty of light coming in, it used to be in Jabal Amman. That location was a dream location for me, it’s an old neighborhood with so much history and character, a perfect place for an artist. The problem is, it simply didn’t work. It was too big, cold all the time and so far away from my home. I edited from home and only shot in the studio which made my time management really difficult. With few things going wrong there and an awful landlord I decided to move the studio home. It was the best thing I ever did. I’ve always dreamed of a studio that makes me happy to be in. My main goal when designing it was to create a place where people feel relaxed, happy and at home.

I have most sessions inside the studio, including babies, cakesmashes, and the biggest one: newborn sessions. Some family sessions happen here as well, usually along the ones mentioned before.
Newborn sessions last the longest, they go between 2-4 hours, 4 hours being the most likely. During this time the baby feed, gets changed and sleep, and then the same all over again. A lot of shushing and gentle rocking happen, I run white noise in the background as well to help the baby sleep (though sometimes the parents end up sleeping and the baby remains awake hehe). Parents sit and relax and watch us while we work, usually it’s me and my assistant working there. Sometimes I need an extra pair of hands and I ask the parents to participate, they’re usually very excited to be part of the experience, since they can proudly say “I helped make this happen!”  During newborn sessions parents have access to a kitchen, where snacks and beverages are provided. Just like babies get hungry and have to feed we do too! :)
I also keep some reading material and little toys for older siblings to keep them occupied. There are samples of the products I offer displayed to help clients choose, including mounted prints, books, fine art albums, accordion mini books and fine art canvases.

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I photograph babies in wraps, custom hand made outfits, or just bare. My wardrobe options are really endless, and quite colorful, as you have noticed from my work I am a big fan of color :).
Since babies are kept in minimal clothing the place is well heated to make sure they stay warm and cozy. I usually have 2 central heating systems going on during winter time in addition to a small space heater kept close by to keep the baby warm at all time. Parents are encouraged to wear something light to stay comfortable as it will be around 30 degrees inside.


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Before every session the studio is cleaned and disinfected to make sure it is safe for the baby. Shoes are not allowed inside the studio during newborn sessions and they are kept at a shoe rack by the entrance, parents can wear socks around or just be barefoot totally up to them.


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Through my time photographing newborns I have found them to be quite strong little human beings with opinions and little characters of their own. We may pose them and dress them, but at the end of the day if they don’t like it, it’s not happening!



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