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“Portrait photography has been my true love ever since I started my journey as a photographer. I truly enjoy seeing the happiness in people’ eyes as I show them their photographs”  I came across children photography by accident and fell completely in love with it. There is an ever growing value to those photographs. Children grow so fast, sometimes it feels like a blink of an eye, they change not only features but character, habits, expressions, gestures…….. Or in some cases they keep some of these traits that they had when they were first born, it’s a very interesting process. I love recording these changes for the parents to remind them of each stage of their baby’s life.

As important as capturing a child’s growth is capturing that connection parents have with their children and the love that shines through. When your babies grow, and they will grow faster than you’d like, they will have something to remind them how much you loved them, on every step of the way.

My style is contemporary portraiture, colorful and floral art is my specialty. Beauty makes me happy, I believe that surrounding yourself with beautiful things can uplift the sorrowest of moods.
I’ve studied and worked in New York City, and I’m currently based in Amman, Jordan.

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