Frequently Asked Questions

All interested inquirers & clients are responsible for reading this page. It is not the photographer’s responsibility that a client assumes differently.


1- When is the newborn session done?
Newborn sessions are done during the first 2 weeks of the baby’s life, preferably between day 5 and day 10.

2- My baby is 4 weeks old (or older) and I would like to book a newborn session
Unfortunately I do not offer sessions for newborns older than 2 weeks (3 weeks max). In general, when babies reach 2 weeks old they don’t sleep for a long time, their sleep is easily interrupted and  they can’t be posed. The have gotten used to being outside the womb, their bodies wide spread, and acquired their own habits by that time making it very difficult for us to do our job. Many also start getting stomach and digestion issues making them fussy and unsettled.

3- How far in advance should I book my newborn session?
You should book while you’re still pregnant  (30-36 weeks pregnant).

4- Do I have to bring wraps , clothes, or outfits for the baby?
No, You only need to bring yourself and the baby all is provided by me.

5- My baby has jaundice, is it OK to do the session during that?
Yes, the skin tones would be corrected in editing and since I photograph using natural sun light it would actually be good for the baby.

6- My due date is xx but we can’t tell for sure how can we book the date?
The booking is made to reserve your spot on a monthly calendar, the exact date is set after you give birth.

7- I only want photos of the baby/ I would like family photos as well, what’s the charge difference?
There is no difference, I do not charge extra for parents shots.

8- I already had the baby, I didn’t know about you before can I still book?
I will try to accommodate last minute clients as much as I can, however I cannot guarantee it as I can only take a limited number of clients per month to maintain the level of proficiency you see in my work.

9- I want a certain pose/setup, can you do it for me?
I try to accommodate parents’ requests but you must keep in mind that the pose depends on the baby and what the baby allows, if the baby doesn’t like a certain pose I must move on to another to be able to provide you with a variety of photos. There are also certain poses that I don’t do due to child safety concerns.

10- I have an outfit that my friend knitted can we use it?
I do consider outfits/items if they are within my style, however in most cases these don’t work. The items I use are made with the highest quality of yarn and knitted/crocheted by professional vendors that are specialized in newborn photography outfits/props, it is best that we stick to those.

11- How are sessions designed?
The session is designed based on the consultation, we would discuss color preferences and any particular props that you may like to include, however it is best to leave the rest of the details to the artist as she is the one that knows best what works, interfering too much in the design leads to unsatisfactory results in all cases.

12. I would like to book a newborn session and I have a 1-3 year old older sibling that I’d like photos of with the baby, can we do it?
I will try to capture some for you, but please keep in mind that children aged between 1-3 years are still not old enough to understand what you should and shouldn’t do. There is a big safety hazard as they don’t understand what can harm others let alone babies. Therefore if the child resists, or shows any signs of not wanting to do it, aggression, tantrum… etc, we have to leave them be. I would not want to put stress on a child nor would I ever risk a baby’s safety.
Usually children above 3 years of age are more cooperative in such cases and it can be done easily. Of course there are always exceptions.

General Questions

1- It says session fee is xx but the note says minimum investment of 300 JD is required, what does that mean?
The session fee covers the basic costs of creating the session (the studio time, all the things we use during the session, planning the session, etc) , it does not include photos (printed or digital).   Packages for photos start at 300 JD for children aged 6 mo and above, and 350 for Newborn sessions.

2- Can we do cousins session together?
To photograph cousins together multiple sessions must be booked depending on the number of cousins. For example if there are 2 cousins, 2 sessions must be booked. The photos will be for each child individually and some shared ones. Otherwise no, they can’t be done within one session.

3- We would like to photograph our whole family, grandparents, uncles, aunts, grand children, can we book a session?
Unfortunately not,  I have a certain style of creative photography, one that you admired and inquired about, this kind cannot be obtained with a large family, technically it can’t be done.

4- What ages are good for a session?
There are 3 milestones in a baby’s first year
a- newborn ( below 2 weeks)
b- sitter (when the baby is able to sit unsupported, but not crawling  yet, 6-8 months)
c- first birthday (sometime around the child’s birthday)

I do not photograph newborns older than 3 weeks and children between 1.5 – 5 years, the time after would be 5 years – 12 years.

5- Why can’t we book outside the ages listed in the previous point?
There are different challenges that rise outside these periods that prevents us from getting good results.

6- Do you photograph couples, engagements, baptism, birthday parties, etc?
No, I only photograph newborns, children and families with children and they are done in a pre-planned session. I do not offer event photography.

7- Can we choose the location of our session?
The location is selected by the artist based on light and greenery conditions that she finds essential to create her work. In some cases the client’s suggestion is taken after observation of the location.

8- I have a Donald duck, Micky mouse, Disney ….etc costume I want to use for the session, can we use them?
Unfortunately not, I can only offer you photos that fit within my style in photography, and costumes don’t. The purpose of these sessions is to provide you with timeless imagery, images that hold the same value and can be appreciated at any time and space. What to wear is a very important part of the photo, it must be elegant and tasteful, at the same time the purpose of it is to put the focus on the subject (you, your baby, your family) and not make it the focus of the image.

9- How far in advance do I need to book my baby/family session?
2-3 weeks at least.

10- I sent an inquiry but didn’t get a response.
Please allow 2-3 business days to get a response to your inquiry, if you haven’t received one by a week please check your spam box it might have ended there. If still not there then there is a chance you provided an incorrect email address. Please send another inquiry or a direct email to info@noorziyad.com
Note: Empty inquiries without detailed information about the session in interest are ignored.

11- Do we bring the decorations, balloons, setup, etc for a cake smash?
No, I take care of everything, the only thing I do not cover is the cake, due to food allergies I prefer the parents bringing their own cake. I will give you guidance to how the cake should look.

12- What are your packages for Cake smash?
I do not have separate packages for cake smash sessions, they are priced the same as regular sessions. Please visit the investment page for more details.

13- Can I purchase a certain package and get additional products/photos at a later point?
You have 6 months to order additional photos/products, after that photos will be recycled. You must also keep in mind that when you order during the viewing session you get a certain discount depending on the order, when adding photos/products at a later point you’ll be paying the full A la cart price for it.

14- If I email you about an interest in booking a sessions does that mean I am booked?
No, you are only booked if you pay the session fee.

15- Can I get your phone number?
You will get my contact information once I know more about what you’re looking for and if I can be of an assistant. Unfortunately I can not provide my phone number for general questions as I am only one person and I am responsible for everything you see here, I am the one that sorts and collects all the items used in my sessions, I am the one that designs the sessions, I follow up with clients (questions, outfit shopping, product picking, etc), I answer emails, I run my website, I order products (design them, send them to production, follow up with production, pick them, finish and wrap them),  and many more things that I can’t probably remember.