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Enticing the senses …..

When you hear the term enticing the senses the first thing that comes to mind is food. But today I’m writing about different senses. Few days ago as I was editing through one of my older sessions (yes I’m a little behind, it’s been crazy busy) and listening to music, I had a feeling. I saw the beauty created by combining the visual and the audial. Beautiful moments characterized in photos, touching music and beautiful lyrics combined in a song, mix them all together and you get the most amazing feelings. Happiness, chills, longing, heart throbbing, and many more. The more we heighten our senses the greater the feeling.

It is unfortunate that this is not used enough. Most photographers only do this for weddings or engagements, but what about other precious  moments in life, are they all not as important?

When time passes, we grow older, and life hits us with all its complications, all we are left with to remind us of those days, when life was much simpler are the photos, the moments.

I hope this video makes you as happy as it made me :)
PS. if the video is showing pixelated make sure to click on setting (at the video window option) and choose either 480p or 720p and give it time to load.




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