Outdoor Photography Mentoring

One on one extensive outdoor mentoring: 1000 JD
1 – 1.5 days (9 am – 5 pm) 

The full outdoor training will include the following:
  1. one maternity model + one child/family with child model
  2. posing for maternity + posing for family & older child
  3. proper use of outdoor light for optimum results
  4. camera setting, photography gear
  5. styling baby & family sessions
  6. white balance, and fixing it afterwards
  7. basic color theory
  8. general business education
  9. photo editing for outdoor photography, which includes fixing color casts, enhancing colors, and full image manipulation to achieve a creamy & dreamy look with vivid colors.
Photography only (including styling, posing, lighting, location picking) 500 JD

Editing only 600 JD
When choosing full training you will also get access to prop vendors and recommendations to Photoshop actions for a faster workflow, and a 1 month grace period where you have access to me with any questions you may have as you transition to the new system. Snacks & lunch will be provided for all training days.

The basic outdoor mentoring: 500 JD
One day  (11 am – 5 pm)

Will include:
  1. one model family with 1 child
  2. styling sessions
  3. client interaction and general business education
  4. camera setting & setting proper white balance
  5. basic outdoor editing to achieve technically correct & balanced images.