The Studio | Amman newborn photographer

The Studio | Amman newborn photographer I’ve been wanting to do this since forever, give you an inside look, a peak into my zen place where all the magic happens :). Welcome to my studio! When I first started my business I used to have a different studio, a huge apartment that I rented with few rooms and plenty of light coming in, it used to be in Jabal Amman. That location was a dream location for me, it’s an old neighborhood with so much history and character, a perfect place for an artist. The problem is, it simply didn’t work. It was too big, cold all the time and so far away from my home. I edited from home and only shot in the studio which made my time management really difficult. With few things going wrong there and an awful landlord I decided to move the studio home. It was the best thing I ever did. I’ve always dreamed of a studio that makes me happy to be in. My main goal when designing it was to create a place where people feel relaxed, happy and at home. I have most sessions inside the studio, including babies, cakesmashes, and the biggest […]

Displaying your photos | Amman Newborn Photographer

Displaying your photos | Amman Newborn Photographer It’s no news that I love printing my work, I’ve been singing that forever, pretty much every time I print an order. Other from the work coming to life in prints, my appreciation has a bigger reason. It comes from long months of experimenting with different print houses, seeing so many versions of my photos that looks nothing like my work. Maintaining the same vibrant colors you see on the screen with no color casts or color mismatch is no easy business. It was a big and hard decision to get my own professional printer but it was the best decision I ever made. A lot of work goes into custom photography, it is an investment, an investment in you, your uniqueness and beauty that come alive in those photos. It would be quite a shame if those photos remained on a CD, a phone, or a PC. They belong on the wall, right in front of your eyes for you to enjoy years and years to come. I’ve attached some of the art works  I had printed recently, please excuse the reflection some of them have, I decided to take the photo after I had […]

Ho ho ho, It’s Santa Time! | Amman Christmas Sessions

Ho ho ho, It’s Santa Time! This holiday season was very fun, in fact this is the first time we get to “celebrate it to the max”, and the reason is children. Even though I grew up watching Christmas movies, Santa, elves, north pole and whole shebang I never really believed in Santa (as a child that is). I think it goes with being born in the middle east & having a culture so connected to reality, even though a little dreaming never hurts. Watching kids live this experience and seeing the happiness in their eyes talking about Santa (and how he has the biggest tush in the world! *gasp*) got us all sharing that dream.  Whether you celebrate it or not, every chance you get to spend with your family and loved ones is truly precious and should be cherished forever and ever. Here are some precious moments that we get to share with you

Enticing the senses | Amman Family Photographer

Enticing the senses ….. When you hear the term enticing the senses the first thing that comes to mind is food. But today I’m writing about different senses. Few days ago as I was editing through one of my older sessions (yes I’m a little behind, it’s been crazy busy) and listening to music, I had a feeling. I saw the beauty created by combining the visual and the audial. Beautiful moments characterized in photos, touching music and beautiful lyrics combined in a song, mix them all together and you get the most amazing feelings. Happiness, chills, longing, heart throbbing, and many more. The more we heighten our senses the greater the feeling. It is unfortunate that this is not used enough. Most photographers only do this for weddings or engagements, but what about other precious  moments in life, are they all not as important? When time passes, we grow older, and life hits us with all its complications, all we are left with to remind us of those days, when life was much simpler are the photos, the moments. I hope this video makes you as happy as it made me PS. if the video is showing pixelated make sure […]

My very first blog post, pretty excited about it :) | Amman Couples Photographer

My very first blog post, pretty excited about it | Amman Couples Photographer I’m a photographer hence I’d rather show with photos not with words. That being said, don’t be too hard of a judge. My posts will be about what’s happening in the background, a little window into my head & sometimes…… my soul. I haven’t decided yet if I will make any posts with photography/design tips but stay tuned and you will find out. The very first public event About a month ago I decided to take part in Hands’ gifts market to show the people of Amman what I do.  I knew I had to come up with a design for my booth to show my style and display my work but I wasn’t sure how everything would fit together. I knew it was going to be something vintage and a whole research began. I started collecting small pieces that I liked in hope that they will spark an idea. Jars, frames, wallpaper, 3D, old, new, and voila, an idea was born. It took few days, sleepless nights, back aches, blurry eyes and a sore hand to have the final result, but all was worth it. It’s one […]
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