Neighbors | Amman Newborn Photographer

Neighbors | Amman Newborn Photographer   It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a blog post, I am a little rusty I’ll admit. This one is about a very special baby girl, whose name is Nai. I got a call from her daddy to arrange for her newborn session and as we went through details I found out that she was born a day after my birthday! Which also happened to be Halloween! How cool is that! Immediately I thought we must do a set up relevant to that. As we continued with the conversation and as I was giving her daddy directions to the studio we were both shocked to find out that not only we lived in the same neighborhood, same street, but also in the same building! It was only normal that her session be a very spacial one. Here are some of the photos:  
Feb 23

Christina’s play date | Amman Child Photographer

 Christina’s play date | Amman Child Photographer By now I have photographed quiet a few toddlers to say it’s no easy business. At this age kids are into exploring, they are not a fan of looking cute (more like I’d rather look silly) and have the attention span of, well a toddler! By the time I get her/him to do what I want the split second would have passed and I either was able to capture it or not. Forget about making them do the cute thing they unexpectedly did while you were at the wrong angle, you didn’t get that? oh too bad I wanna do something else now like say….. play with my toes and not look at the camera? sounds like a plan! Christina, this precious little charmer here is no different. She had worked us out and kept us on our toes,  well………. toes, knees, hands, upside down, any position you can think of to get the right shots. She’ll easily capture you with her eyes and make you fall in love with her charming character. When I first met her she was shy and would hide behind her auntie when I talk to her,  by the […]
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